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T h e   S m a l l   C u r e s   C o l l e c t i o n

Della Hicks-Wilson x Waxing Poetic

Bestselling poet Della Hicks-Wilson and empowering jewellery brand
Waxing Poetic have partnered to create a healing and lyrical collection of precious pieces featuring memorable quotes from Small Cures -
Della's stirring debut and 
book-length ode to self-love.

Della Hicks-Wilson’s bestselling self-published collection of poetry, Small Cures, is now available from Andrews McMeel Publishing in paperback, e-book and audiobook. This new edition features a linen-cloth inspired cover with gold foiling making it the perfect keepsake for you and your loved ones.


S m a l l   C u r e s
N e w  E d i t i o n

A u d i o b o o k

Listen to Della's book-length ode to self-love, Small Cures, as it was intended to be read - in one breathtaking sitting - captivatingly delivered by the author herself.

IMG_1801 2.JPG

B o o k   T r a i l e r

P r a i s e

'Della's words are like a healing balm for your soul.'
Hazel Hayes, author of Out of Love

'i read it fast, folding pages of the small poems that stole my breath or returned it...[it is] medicine for a broken heart.'
~ adrienne maree brown, MasterClass author & activist

'A timely collection...advocating self-love and much needed healing for us all.'



   A b o u t  D e l l a

Della Hicks-Wilson is a Black British poet and writer from London, best known for her short viral poems and spoken word videos which have garnered over 1 million likes and shares and 30K+ loyal followers across her social media channels.  Her bestselling debut collection Small Cures, originally self-published in 2020 and re-released by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2021, has been shared by New York Times bestselling author Glennon Doyle and selected by Stylist magazine as a Best Summer 2020 Read.  

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